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Some are for recreation, others for sport, some are mainly a means of transportation and others are for work or business.

Yet according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, oil and fuel-related issues are on the rise. In a 2016 Boating Industry magazine survey of repair shops, 92% of respondents reported seeing such damage in their facilities, up sharply from the previous year. Many respondents expressed concern that chronic engine problems raised the risk of driving consumers out of the boating market.

CLP+ MARINE recognized a clear and compelling need for a more complete oil and fuel additive to address these issues specific to the marine industry. We set out to develop a product that would mitigate the three key sources of fuel&oil related engine issues:

  • The type of fuel used: Most gasolines today contain some percentage of Ethanol. If such fuel comes in contact with moisture, it can cause corrosion and possible phase separation along with drivability and fuel system component failures, particularly in harsh salt water environments.

  • The way the engine is used: Recreational boats experience wide variations in engine demand cycles, from wide-open-throttle (WOT) to idle. Constant variation and repetition of these cycles can lead to high metal t metal wear that affect engine performance, fuel economy and emissions.

  • Boat storage: It’s a fact of life in owning a boat. Most boats will spend much of the year in storage. Long stretches of non-operation can cause fuel sitting in tanks to deteriorate and become unstable.

    CLP+ MARINE is specifically formulated to deliver protection against the primary sources of oil and fuel-related engine issues.
    It provides maximum corrosion control of the entire engine and fuel system in both fresh and salt water environments. And it stabilizes fuel for up to twelve months, so boat owners can store their boats with confidence that they will start up smoothly when they go back in the water.

    Using CLP+ MARINE and adhering to a few good practices can make all the difference between maximum enjoyment and a miserable boat-owning experience. In a future entry, we will explore some of the common fuel-related problems boat owners may encounter and detail some ways to avoid them.


At CLP+ we are taking marine sector seriously; that is why we have specialized in it. We believe that if you want to be the best, you have to specialize. We also know that the many different types of watercraft, both 2 & 4 cycle, have special needs because they undergo the rigors that only marine use can place on them. CLP+ has products specifically designed to meet those needs.

CLP+ MARINE friction mechanism of operation is based upon advanced methods of Tribology that improve lubricity and load carrying capacity. This, in turn, improves surface characteristics while simultaneously creating a stable chemical Advanced Boundary Film on the contacting metal surfaces of whatever equipment in which it is added. The process of Advanced Boundary Film formation is achieved through a unique combination of long-chain halogenated hydrocarbons and other proprietary additives that are highly stable and non- corrosive to the equipment's metal parts, and pose no threat to the environment or waste oil recovery systems. CLP+ MARINE friction reacts chemically, under thermal conditions with the contacting metal surfaces, to form a complex surface- attaching film of protection. CLP+ MARINE friction's characteristics are "electro-negative", which causes it to seek out and affix itself to the metallic surface areas. During this process, surface smoothing is accomplished, resulting in improved spread characteristics of the surfaces themselves. The final state of the opposing metal surfaces increases the fluid film strength even more, resulting in greatly reduced wear while imparting extreme pressure (EP) properties to the opposing metal surfaces. The result is lack of corrosion, a virtual elimination of frictional wear and significant cooling of the entire lubricated area yielding higher energy savings and reduced metallic debris and acids in the oil. This is extensively proven through elemental oil analysis and Ferrography of the used oil, before and after the use of CLP+ MARINE friction Advanced Boundary Film Technology.

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CLP+ MARINE friction is the ultimate protection against corrosion for the moving metal parts in your engine and transmission. Utilising the most AdvancedBoundary Film (ABF) Technology, it protects parts from wear and damage due to boundary conditions of frictional abrasion, extreme pressure torque, dry startup and engine shutdown. Other benefits include increased fuel savings due to reduced friction and increased oil flow, reduced maintenance and downtime, extended engine parts longevity and reduced operating temperatures an average of 10 Celsius degrees.


CLP+ MARINE fuel is the ultimate fuel system performance enhancer and fuel lubricity improver.  It stabilizes fuel stored in humid environment for twelve months giving maximum lubrication in gasoline and diesel fuel systems. CLP+ MARINE fuel is especially formulated to help protect against accelerated wear caused from Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.



CLP+ MARINE injector is the ultimate fuel system protectant. Utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, it has a unique blend of cleaners and scrubbers that remove corrosion build up, varnishes and carbon deposits throughout the fuel system. Other benefits include superior lubrication to upper cylinders and valves, protection from scoring, wear and carbon build-up, and breakdown of water in the fuel system. CLP+ MARINE injector is recommended for gasoline and diesel systems–including turbochargers.


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CLP+ MARINE is a new, hi-end brand introduced to European market. Our products are manufactured in Poland with close cooperation with one of world's most succesful company in lubricant industry: Steel Shield Technologies, Inc.

It dates back to 1985 when Dr. George C Fennell together with his family found their first company, the former Muscle Product Corporation. MPC began with the MT-10 Metal Treatment invented by Dr. George Fennell. The technology (ABF Technology) is based on Tribology methods through Electrochemical Ionization (ECI) by Treating the Metal not the Oil to reduce friction coefficient between two metal surfaces moving in the opposite direction.The product MT-10 metal treatment was developed over the years. That allowed our partners to expand fields of applications and increase range of products.

Later in 2006 Dr. George Fennell opened his new company, Steel Shield Technologies Inc. to continue to pursue his research and expanded its product line into a series of more Advanced Metal Treatment (ABF Technology) specialty high-end lubricants for military, marine, motorsport and industrial applications.

In 2018 Steel Shield Technologies Inc. opened its branch in central Poland.


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